A multicultural space for all... A place where people can express themselves from diversity.

It's a cultural/working space combined. A design  and  circus  space with a dash of morrocan... The limit is your imagination.

Come and share with us in an event or hire the space for your own dreams and projects.  We believe in Skellefteå and the power of art and business to transform it.

Maskinvägen 23, Skellefteå.  Next to Cross Fit, in front of Strong Point. 

Who are we?

The place


The place

Circus and aerial training

Become stronger and more flexible with circus training or aerial hammock using Yoga and Pilates techniques.

Dare to hang upside down on the tissue or trapeze … Twirl on the pole.

Learn to juggle or walk on the tightrope …

Birthday party for children with a circus theme…

Rent the space for a circus experience for your children and their friends. Enjoy a great circus playdate/birthday party.  Write for more info and prices.

Corporate Workshops

Enjoy a special half day at work team building with circus and games.  Coaching specialist and/or a lovely lunch.

After work mingle

Aerial training in the hammock and some pole fitness. Then sit down to a healthy dinner with your friends. Unwind for a few hours after work and before you go home.

Bachelorette party

Getting married and want to do something different… Come and laugh while learning pole dancing with your friends.   Learn some move to spice up that special day… Enjoy a different party with your girlfriends.

Finger food included and spa product gift bag for the bride to be.



Who are we?

3 companies – 3 styles … Coming together as one …

3 different people, 3 different ways of life.  Set out as a dream and the possibility to grow, create and share: a singular designer, with a maroccan beauty and style, and an upside down performer…

If it was a person you would definitely want to get to know …

We are an interesting place! Come and meet us.